Private – Coach Alex, Hurricane Team Price

**Please be advised this is special “PRIVATE PRICING” Set by Coach Alex, Academy Directory …Please do not share this info!          Payment MUST be made by August 15th, 2011!

Option #1 (MUST HAVE ATTENDED AT LEAST  ONE – SUMMER CAMP) – The Pricing for the Fall of 2011 is set at $75 for the entire semester of Training!

Child’s Name? Special Needs??

Option #2 – The Pricing for the entire FALL SEASON of 2011 with Ball/Shirt is set at $95 ! (PLAYERS NOT ATTENDING ANY SUMMER CAMPS)

T-Shirt Size
Ball Size
Child’s Name? Special Needs??

Corpus Christi Soccer Academy, 2521 Fleece Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78414 361-265-8589